Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Last 2 Weeks

Alhamdulillah, I'm finally home!
I went home today and I'm so excited
Last 2 weeks it's been a pretty busy week with all adaptation things and orientation days
Last Sunday I just finished orientation days
It all started from Tuesday 'till Sunday
There's no really a lot of things to tell about it, it's like another orientation days
But from that days made us know each other almost each people in our generation and also the seniors because in IESP (Ilmu Ekonomi Studi Pembangunan or Economics of Development Studies) University of Padjadjaran, kinship is very emphasized

Graduated from PPJ 2012


At the same day when the orientation day over, my neighbor slash my best friend, Sasti visited me in Bandung since she also study in University of Padjadjaran but her campus located in Jatinangor, Sumedang while my campus located in Dipatiukur, Bandung
And I'm so glad she came because it help me with homesick that still going on hehe
So after we took a rest in my place, we had dinner near ITB and hangout a little bit then went back to my place because we're so tired and I had morning class on the next day at 7am
But thanks God :)

My face look darker after the orientation day :((

Then the next day, which is Tuesday went just ordinary while the excitement to get back home on Wednesday pumped up LOL
Before, my plan was to get home after the wednesday class would finish at 14.30 but suddenly, this morning when I had breakfast my friend texted me and told me that the class today was cancelled
Oh my God
If I know it from the day before, I absolutely would go home on Tuesday so I would have a lot of time more here in Bogor
Before I went home I did a little cleaning in my room in Bandung
So ya, this is how my room in Bandung looks like and I try to make it as comfortable as my room here in Bogor

The bed side
My pinky desk :3
That's all I can share in my blog for now
See you later on the next post

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