Monday, September 3, 2012

1st day

Finally after 2 month my brain hadn't been used, today is my first class in university life
I have 2 lesson today, mathematial economy and computer
I've been 2 days in Bandung, well it's not long
But still a lot of crying going on LOL
My mom, dad, and lil' brother took me to Bandung yesterday 
It's still a little bit weird for me to be here
I don't know....
Being far away from home it's something that I never been through before
Still missing home so much, but I try to enjoy and greatful for everything that happening now
Greatful to be in this university even I'm not in the university like my first plan
Greatful to be in Bandung, at least it's not too far to Bogor than other places
So ya, I'm still on my way to get used to all of this things

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