Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quick Trip

Alhamdulillah, finally there are times for my family gathered since my brother had a holiday from his boarding school and I also had finish the 1st semester final exam, so we planned to go to Singapore for a quick family trip
Because it's a quick trip then I'll gonna told this story in a quick and short way hehe
It started on Sunday after about 1 hour flight we arrived at Changi International Airport, checked in to the hotel, had lunch and took a walk on Orchard walk
We spent 4 days there, from Sunday-Wednesday but not like any other people I didn't do shopping actually because I thought the goodies there are the same like here in Indonesia
I just bought a sandal because my legs are about to explode because there were to much walking going on there and really needed a pair of comfortable sandals hehe

The 2nd day we spent a day in Sentosa island to see South East Asia aquarium, 

The 3rd day, Tuesday, my brother and I spent a day in Universal Studio after my parents dropped us there and they went to Jurong Bird Park. At night, we went to dinner with my parent's family that actually they we're our ex-neighbor here in Bogor

 My Family

Hihi love you Frog Prince 

 A lot of people told me that we're not look similar at all -___-

Muka tembem tak tertahankan, noooooooooo!!

Aaaaaaand....... the last day we went tp Asia Civilization Museum near the Singapore river, and took some pictures on Merlion, Marina Bay, and MICA Building then went to Mustofa Center to bought some gifts
At night we flew back to Jakarta and back to home sweet home :3

Ancient people are so fashionable, love the accessories 

Hand written Al-Quran from founded in Indonesia

That's all I can tell you in this quick and short (the pictures make it look longer post LOL) post
Have a nice holiday for all Indonesia colleger and hope for the best 1st semester score for all of us
See you on the next post!

Numpang narsis terakhir kali di pos ini :p


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi blog! It's been almost 2 month that I haven't wrote any post in my blog because a lot of things going on right now and I actually don't know what to write......LOL
And it's 2013 now! Don't ask me about this new year eve, because when the new year came I was sick so badly. I got fever, flu, and cough at the same time so I spent my new year eve with my pillow and bolster in my room at Bogor
Then the other thing is that my online shop is offline right now, so I can focus for the test but I hope on January 17th it'll open for business again :D
Now I'm still "enjoying" my 1st final term exam weeks in college life, so here I am still in Bandung and still 3 days-to-go 'till the last day of exams
But I'm missing home already, hiks
And my head still so dizzy after today's mathematical economics test, because it's freaking difficult!
So what can I do now is just hoping for the best
Amin to that! And wish me luck for these whole test stuff
I'll see you soon on the next post ;)

My weird faces today after the test

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