Sunday, October 28, 2012

This Week Route

Bandung - Bogor - Jakarta - Makassaar - Kab. Barru - Makkasar - Jakarta - Bandung

This week my mom, dad, and me went to my dad's hometown in Barru, south Sulawesi for celebrated Ied Adha this year, it's been a long time for me to go there since my grandma passed away a couple years ago 
It's about 2 hours from Makassar, the capital city of south Sulawesi 
There's no a lot of story that I could tell, but of course a of eating going on LOL
We went from Bogor at 2am in the morning because the flight was on 6am and I went back to Jakarta by my self this morning because my mom and dad will get back to Jakarta tomorrow morning
And I just arrived on my room in Bandung about an hour ago
And I also forgot to bring my camera so I don't have photos to upload 
Just this photo that I took in the waiting room before leaving Jakarta with my mom
So, have a nice weekend everyone :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happiness is Simple

I don't know why but everytime I went back home to Bogor, rain always falling at that time
Makes me feel really at home because Bogor called as the Rain City
Yesterday I went back home to Bogor, and it was raining
And it was a perfect timing because my brother also at home because he's having holiday so he went home too from the hostel
My family is complete, and my parents so happy because they're not feeling lonely anymore
(Because they used to be just both of them at home, while I was in Bandung and my brother in Sukabumi)
They picked me up then we had dinner together
It's simple, but it makes us happy

This morning my grandma, aunty, uncle, and my little cousin visited our house and had lunch together
Very simple but it makes us happy
Even my thumb swollen when I played with my little cousin hehe

Ootd! WKND polkadot cardigan, Zoya purple dress, ribbon bracelet, jeans, and Adorable Project shoes

Then in the afternoon, I went to IPB (Bogor Agriculture Institute) to see my junior high school friends that I miss so much, it's been so long that we don't hang out together
And for the bonus I also met a lot of my senior high & course friends that study there
I love being surrounded by them, and show the smile that I have

 It used to be 5 of us, but Della is in Solo for college and Ama still have senior high things
We miss being 5 of us :(

The craziness never gone, LOL

And for the closing, I had a dinner with my parents and brother
Its all just a simple things, but always make me miss home even more
Being surrounded by family and friends is totally spirit charging time
And I'm glad to still have them
It's simple but makes me happy


Friday, October 12, 2012

Nde's Birthday

Hi! I'm so excited to start writing on my blog again
Ahamdulillah, I'm starting getting used to be in here in Bandung but the mid test is 2 weeks again
Oh no, wish me luck guys
My days is pretty normal here, just go to the campus in the morning 'till noon went back to my flat, work on the homeworks (it feels like there a tons of it!) and take a rest
I have a day off on thursday, it's a little bit weird. So because of that I can get back to my house in Bogor only on wednesday after I have my class then get back to Bandung in the morning because I have noon class  until night
Like today.......

I start to get new friends in here, it's good because it's a little part of things that won't make me feel homesick
And yesterday one of my friend Nde had her birthday
Like another "birthday surprise" kinda of "ritual" my friends and I went to her flat to gave her a surprise
And here some pictures of it
Birthday girl!


 Happy birthdaaaayyy


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