Friday, October 12, 2012

Nde's Birthday

Hi! I'm so excited to start writing on my blog again
Ahamdulillah, I'm starting getting used to be in here in Bandung but the mid test is 2 weeks again
Oh no, wish me luck guys
My days is pretty normal here, just go to the campus in the morning 'till noon went back to my flat, work on the homeworks (it feels like there a tons of it!) and take a rest
I have a day off on thursday, it's a little bit weird. So because of that I can get back to my house in Bogor only on wednesday after I have my class then get back to Bandung in the morning because I have noon class  until night
Like today.......

I start to get new friends in here, it's good because it's a little part of things that won't make me feel homesick
And yesterday one of my friend Nde had her birthday
Like another "birthday surprise" kinda of "ritual" my friends and I went to her flat to gave her a surprise
And here some pictures of it
Birthday girl!


 Happy birthdaaaayyy


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