Saturday, September 22, 2012


Yesterday I just got back from Bogor
And yesterday was totally my bad day :(
I lost my wallet after I took a public transportation when I went to campus
Then at the night I just figured out that something wrong with my laptop too
Please God I can't take a lot of hard situation like this
Too much things gone wrong and I have to deal it with my self without my family on my side
I try to be independent but I can't hide that I feel so tired and overwhelmed
What I'm thinking hardly right now is how can I get to police office to take care of letter lost for my driving license and student card
And I have to finish that before next wednesday
I also one of the committe of gathering that will be held on my campus next Saturday
It just too much :"
I'm still trying to make my self calm and let go of everything
I told my friend about what happened to me, then she told me to make a flyer for search the wallet
Because her brother ever lost his wallet too and made flyer like that, and it founded even the money was no more, at least the important cards was still there
So made this flyer too that I put near the places that I went to yesterday
So, finger cross and I hope someone will get it back to me
But it's no where to be found, that might be not mine anymore, and I hope can let go of it and be more caution about anything

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