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"God answers in 3 ways: he says yes & gives you what you want, he says no & gives you something better, or he says wait & gives you the best" ♥


wanna share some photos of our activities...

MOS with OSIS MPK 2009/2010

Bakti Sosial 

Study Banding w/ MPK SMA Negeri 1 Bogor

Study Banding w/ SMA Negeri 7 Bandung

SMA Negeri 3 Graduation Day 2010/2011

"OSIS MPK.......TIGA!"


"ACOUSTIC (Amazing Children of Unique Science Three International Class) - love each other like brothers like sisters - Madame Ratna - SMA Negeri 3 Bogor"

Kelas pojok antar dua tangga ke atas sama setengah ke bawah (?) yang dihuni sama 32 anak  : Adhitya Nafisa S., Aisyah Mauludia(Icha ul), Angela Primasari,Anindita Lintangdesi A., Annisha Nurilla (gue - Icha il), Arniva Luvita, Avisya Febriyanti, Edya Annas, Faradhina Akbarini, Fenisa Zahra(Deyang), Gilmar Wicaksono(Gepeng), Ilman Muttaqin, Jordan Obed P., Khairunnisa Putri K.(Puput), Lalita Khairunnisa, Mario Ghazali, Merina Fauzia. M. Fakhri Nauvaldi, M. Ghozaly Salim(Egin), M. Irfan Ghifari (Viktor), M. Pandu Prakarsa Hutagalung, Pibra Gatria, Raafi Andiena Amalia Tha, Rafi Fadlianto(Master), Rana Pradipta, Rehino Yanu Seto(Bolor), Rinda Syafiyyah Simanjuntak, Sasi Kirana, Sheila Savitri, Tia Okidita, Wisnu Wicaksono, and Wiwit Feri W.

4 hari pertama masuk kelas 11 gue ga ikut pelajaran karena ngurus MOS jadi awalnya ga terlalu deket sama temen² baru di kelas tapi lama kelamaan satu sama lain makin deket and I relized that I love this class, everybody help each other, work together, we share laugh, smile even cry, we make a jokes and talk silly stuff, play UNO, going crazy and sometimes sleep in the class *LOL

I'm glad that I am here in this class with the and have friends like them

France Choir at Graduation Day 2010/2011

our national T-shirt

Madame Ratna's Birthday Surprise, we used to give every classmate surprise when their birthday  

Pas pelajaran PKN bikin negara

Garage Sale buat ngumpulin uang Study Tour ke Jogja & Semarang, Sempur

at Gajah Mada University 

at Candi Prambanan

Karokean, we were going crazy and had so much fun

at Kampung Sunda
Vocal Group at Pekan Kesenian Siswa(PKS) @smantiboo

(sebagain dari) Tim nari Dindingba dinding - Kecak - Saman

MY SWEET 17th ♥

It's 14th may in the morning, I woke up and check on the clock in my phone and there are 2 messages. There are from my classmate Merina and my far far away friend ka Ridho text me birthday greeting, hahaha I even didn't realize that today was my birthday. My mom and my dad came to my bedroom and said HAPPY BIRTHDAY ƪ˘)ʃ˘)ʃ to me. Then I took a bath, prayed and prepared for school.
While I was waiting for my mom to take me to school, my phone rung and it was phone from my friend that I haven't been met since a month ago, and he said he will met me in my school that day (but apparently he wasn't ¬_¬ ). After that, suddenly some friends Sasti and Elin come up while brought a cake and sang happy birthday, thank you so much ˘)ε˘`) 

Birthday cake from Sasti and Elin, they made it by them self

with Adelina Listyo Yuwono, Elin

  with Sastiafani Nindya Ramadhani, Sasti

That day my school day was shorter because after school there were Ponds Teen Concert. After that even I asked my friend Citra to come home together but she said that she wanted to had lunch first so we lunch together. When I picked her at her class suddenly my 10th grade brought cake and sang happy birthday, and Citra gave we a birthday card that she made with Nada and Qisthi gave me a lollipop haha
 with my 10th grade classmate (X4 - Speakers)

 birthday card from Citra and Nada

with Nadilah Qisthina, Qisthi

In the same time I was very happy but tired so much and I really wanna go home but one of my classmate stopped me and tried to kept me not to go home, my bad mood start to came, "oh gosh I wanna go home!" So I'm too some rest in my class to kept my friend silence. And after that I relized why she tried to kept me not to went home, from the back of class I heard birthday song and my friend brought a brownies with candles.

 from XI science 3 (@AcousticIPA3)

 Sasi, Deyang, me, and Merina

 with Deyang and Merina 

2 days after my birthday, I went to my school eventhought it was holiday to work on my group project with my friends. My classmates Adhit, Lintang, Deyang, Merina, and Diena gave me a gift it's photos of them and I that they put in a transparent box and I love it, it's so sweet and cute for me hihi

Thankyouu girls :D

In the other day I got another surprise from Nada, Licka and Inas. They made me so boring for waited them in GOR Pajajaran for an hour. We made a plan to meet at GOR to meet Inas because she had futsal game. After wait Nada and Licka for hour I saw them were running, Inas was inside..
Licka: "Happy birthday Icha maaf yaa telat hahaha"
and Nada laughed but an hour of waiting is paid off hahaha

 with Inas and Licka

birthday girl

with Nada and Licka

Thankyou for all my friends and family for this sweet seventeen xoxo
hope I'll be a better person from last years, and may Allah always bless me

♥ @nishanrl

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