Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi blog! It's been almost 2 month that I haven't wrote any post in my blog because a lot of things going on right now and I actually don't know what to write......LOL
And it's 2013 now! Don't ask me about this new year eve, because when the new year came I was sick so badly. I got fever, flu, and cough at the same time so I spent my new year eve with my pillow and bolster in my room at Bogor
Then the other thing is that my online shop is offline right now, so I can focus for the test but I hope on January 17th it'll open for business again :D
Now I'm still "enjoying" my 1st final term exam weeks in college life, so here I am still in Bandung and still 3 days-to-go 'till the last day of exams
But I'm missing home already, hiks
And my head still so dizzy after today's mathematical economics test, because it's freaking difficult!
So what can I do now is just hoping for the best
Amin to that! And wish me luck for these whole test stuff
I'll see you soon on the next post ;)

My weird faces today after the test


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