Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mr.Dedi's Birthday

Today is Mr.Dedi Des birthday
my class and other class physic teacher, he's a nice guy actually so we made a surprise for him
My class (12 Science 3) and (12 Science 1) "collaborated" to make this happen
We went from school at about 9 AM and arrived at about 11 AM
(you know what, it was so far far away)
Our surprise just a little bit had been discovered because my friend had went to Mr. Dedi's house and forgot to told his wife to keep it secret LOL
And he had saw Clara when we hide but the the cake out and we all sing Happy Birthday song


After all blew candles and slice the cake, we ate "Bakso" for lunch, chit-chat, took pictures, and prayed Dzuhur we went home :D

 It looks like we were so happy :D

And that's me! oh my face look darker -____-"

Thankyou for today 12 science3 & 12 science 3, and of course Mr. Dedi and family
Once again, Happy Birthday sir <:D


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