Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hijab Tutorial

Well since I'm home alone now, I sooo bored and don't know what to-do
Then I decided to make a hijab tutorial hehe
I'll gonna show you how to make hijab style that I usually ware everyday (except when I go to school)

Ok, lets start!

1. You need a shawl and bandana/hair band, in this case I stretch silver shawl and pink hair band. And also needed pins too.
2. Make the shawl short and the other side longer.
3. Pin it up on the back side

4. Take the longer side, then pin it up a side
5. Continue to take the longer side, and pin it up on the other side.
6. Pin it up the longer side (again) on the back side or you can pin it up on the top side of you head

7. And DONE!

You can see my photo's wearing this hijab style in my other post
and a lot of it on my facebook
So, Try and Good Luck (◦'ں'◦) 

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