Thursday, November 17, 2011

Educational Field Trip to Singapore-Malaysia (Part 1)

7-10 November 2011
I joined Educational Field Trip to Singapore & Malaysia with my schoolmates
It all started 2 am in the morning we should gathered in school then went to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. I was so sleepy at that time, because I just got sleep at 10 pm and woke up at 00.30 am
Jordan, Me, ClaraIndra & Ojan
And what a surprise that our plane was delayed for about an hour
Just about 45 minutes of flight from Jakarta to Singapore,we arrived at Changi International Airport  in Singapore

After finished take all luggage, we were welcomed by the travel agent there
She's an indian woman, and very nice personality
She was always tell story, histories, and rules in Singapore.
She used to pull her pink umbrella up in the sky so our group could find her when the situation was so crowded and that's funny sometimes LOL

On the 1st day in Singapore we visited a lot of places, such as:
Merlion Statue, Singapore River, Rafffles Lendin Site, Esplanade, China Town, Mustafa Center and Bugis Street.
 Sungai Singapore

 Merlion Statue 
I wore Safira coat check out Safira Collection
Marina Bay

 Lunch at Indian restaurant
City views
 I was so excited to shopping hehe and I love to see Singapore because the country/city is so clean.
Everything is well organized, maybe it's because the country is so small.
But I hope Indonesia will be like that someday
 Universal Studio 

I wish it was real....

From Bugis Street we went to Sentosa Island, but well.... we didn't enter Universal Studio but here some picture in the gate of Universal Studio.
When the sunset came, we had dinner in Sentosa Island then we watched a musical role
called The Song of the Sea, it's a performance that includes characters as people and cartoon
The cartoon is set by a lightning that is projected to a water 
It was so cool and unique
 Song of The Sea

After tired all day long visits many place, we got rest for sleep in Hotel
And my room mate was Clara Kusuma hehe
Since morning, my friends and I planed that after we arrived at the hotel we'll took  bath, and went to Orchard Walk by MRT but when we asked for permission the teacher won't let us
because our hotel was near prostitution place
.....................what the!

2nd day we were full of visiting to some Universities and High School in Singapore
First we visited Sekolah Indonesia Singapore.
It was almost the same like normal Indonesian school here but the environment was cleaner and the student is just about 1000 students from 6 grade - 12 grade, Wow
 Sekolah Indonesia Singapura

Shelton School Singapore
Me, Clara, Ojan, Ira & Mrs.Dece

The trip continued to Shelton School Singapore then to the one of the most famous university in Singapore
National University Singapore (NUS) 
Some of the Group of SMAN 3 Bogor
After that we went to a communication college as well before heading to Malaysia
To be continued...


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