Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mother's day

Actually I never like celebrate this day because my family is a "cool" family typical 
And well.... I'm a little bit shy hehe but I want to make ot different this year
Since my mom is out of town with my dad I texted her to say "Happy mother's day" 

From : Me
To : Bunda
Happy mother's day mom 
Smoga dilancarkan sgala urusan dan rezekinya, dipanjangkan umurnya dan d tempatkan d surga suatu hari nanti. Maaf klo mba suka ngecewain dan bikin marah hehe. Have a nice trip :D

We realized that mom is one of everything in our real life. For me, I also NOT YET being a great and a daughter that she want me to be, but I try. Even sometimes I'm being selfish and easy to get angry with my mom. 
She is everything, without her we wouldn't be in this world, and who else will pray for you  every time, who else will always text you when you not home yet?
There are ex-friends, ex-husband or wife, ex-boy/girlfriend, etc
But there is no ex-mom

From : Bunda
To : Annisha

So sweet my dearest daughter, aamiin thx 4 yr pray n attention......


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