Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY Glittery Phone Case

Hi guys! I'm so excited to post this
This is my first DIY post on my blog, yeay!
Today I'll show you how yo make a glittery phone case, actually it's also can be done on sneekers, high heels or other things that you want to dazzled up
So let's start !! :D
First I'll show you the ingredients, it's preety easy to find ingredients
1. Plastic plates and spoons (or brush)
2. Glitter in this case I wore magenta and gold color cause I don't want to make it really pinkish
3. Phone case you can wear phone case from any material but you should adjust the material with the glue that you'll use
4. Glue
5. Hairspray make sure it aerosol don't use the non-aerosol one

Next I'll show you the steps to make it.......
1. Mix 1 spoon of glue and glitter

2. Apply the glue mixture to the phone case, then let it dry. Then do it again for the second time

3. After did the 2nd coating on the phone case, don't let it dry. Covered the phone case with glitter, then tab it gently. If the glitter have covered the phone case perfectly, let it dry for about 30 minutes. 

4. To make sure the glitter won't fall off, spray it with aerosol hair spray then let it dry. Make sure the glitter not fall off again, if the glitter still fall off you can spray more hair spray to it

As I say before, you can also do this is shoes or other stuff
This is how the glittery shoes would look like if you make it on shoes
But I DIDN'T make that shoes actually, I bought it in online shop Adorable Projects
They have a lot of adorable and affordable shoes, you should check on them
Ok back to the topic :p
Yeah because it have the same texture and I think it'll look like that
You can also dazzeled it more with ryhne stones too

So good luck on and I hope you'll love it :)

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