Sunday, January 22, 2012


Sunday = holiday time. Time to take a rest after other 6 days of the week full of business
But not today! In the morning I had to go to school to take a religion subject practicum test, Manasik Haji.
I had memorized all prays for Hajj since days before the test
But I still felt so nervous when I had to say the prays in front of the teacher

 Name tag

Gepeng (a.k.a Gilmar), me, Aisyah, Lintang, Visya, and Ilman
Group 13

This manasik haji things, surely makes me missing Mekkah and Madinah for Umroh
I wish I could go back there again someday, amien :)
 The day before I had made a promise with my long time no see friend Anya Nadya and my junior high school friend Tahta Adrian Persada for lunch together at 10 AM, but there was like about 11 AM and I still hadn't finish the test yet
After 2 hours of test and practices, finally the test finished! So I changed clothes and join them to had lunch and talk

After spending 2 hours with them I got back home and sleep for a while. Then there came Saras texted me that she want to meet me, so after prayed ashar I went to her house and driving around Bogor.

 Me and Yayas

 See! My eyes look so tired. Oh no.....


What a day! And now is the time for me to take a rest. Alhamdulillah :)


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