Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Semester 6th

Holiday is over! Well a little bit sad but it's the new chapter of battle to University
I target this semester is to be more focus, concentrate, careful, and smarter in any studies
And I get a lot of confusion and thought lately, because I start to make a plan for alternative university that I want to entry beside University of Indonesia, but still I want social faculty because I don't want to meet any science classes such as biology, physic, and chemistry. Well, math is still fine for me.
I love math actually........................................................, when I understand the lesson :p
Besides psychology and communication, I also start to interested on business & management also cooking specialist . Then if I want to entry social faculty, I should take social tutoring but I still have extra science tutoring now after school time. I also think that I still need science tutoring too. But if I don't take the social tutorial from now, I don't know whether I could remember all social tutorial at very very very short time. I will die if I take 2 lesson at once, so it make me confused too!
Please god help me to find the way I should take (˘ʃƪ˘)   

 ♥ nishanrl

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