Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ms. Umi Birthday Suprise

Today is my biology teacher's birthday, her name is Ms. Umi
She teach 12 science 1 until 12 science 4
So we 12 science 1, 12 science 2, 12 science 3, and 12 science 14 collaborate to make her a birthday surprise
So after the school time is over but gathered in the corridor to wait her from teachers meeting
But apparently! Ms. Umi was already gonna took a Angkot (it's a public transportation) to go back to her house, then the security Bang Jek told her told her that she was looked for by the principle (which is a lie haha)
When she went back to the building we sang Happy Birthday for her hahaha
That was soooooooooooooooooooo........CROWED you can imagine there are about 128 of her students singing happy birthday for her, but it was so fun :D

 Birthday Cake

 The birthday teacher

 a give from 12 science 2

a give from my class, 12 science 3

Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. UMIIII ƪ˘˘ƪ˘˘ʃ˘˘ʃ
♥ nishanrl

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