Saturday, July 23, 2011

Opening Day & MOPD day 1

After weeks of OSIS MPK meeting while holiday time the MOPD (Masa Orientasi Peserta Didik /Orientation Period of Students) 2011 started by opening day at march 16th July 2011. I was a little bit late that day, whereas I brought the student list so rushed away. The students were divided in to 8 group according names of tribes in Indonesia (Gayo, Batak, Baduy, Madura, Sunda, Dayak, Bugis and Asmat). In this MOPD I became the responsible person (pj/penanggung jawab) of SUNDA GROUP with Anis, Anisa, Andari, Mayang, Vikana, Ojan, and Iim.
The 1st time I met Sunda group yaa just like my last year group, we just gave them tasks to bring on Monday, made answering (when someone called their name) and then went home. My first impression their quite kept silent, maybe it was because the 1st day let see the next day ;)

Gugus Sunda

1st day
Everyday while MOPD going on there always small ceremony at the morning after that ther went to their group class to POSKO (several chairmans of OSIS MPK to check the student task) checked their tasks and some lesson about school from school and games. POSKO always like shout out and be angry when they checked the students task ig they did it wrong (it's not real, just drama, it's a tradition haha). After posko got out from group sunda, one of the student started asphixiated, she said that she has a lung ill so me and some pj's from group sunda, teacher and the OSIS chairman brouht her to ICU at BMC (Bogor Medical Center) next to the school. And luckly she was getting better and her my picked her up.


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