Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Boring Note

Today is the most boring holiday for this holiday...
I'm a typical who not like to staying at home while holiday time because my philosophy of holiday is to have a quality time with your friends and family, not just staying at home watch television (y)
But unfortunately this holiday I just went to Jakarta and hangout with my friend in Bogor. Before the holiday my dad had planed some schedule for this holiday but there are hitches so we couldn't done this holiday schedule. Besides I expected a great holiday before the entering 3rd grade,but there's no time to have a holiday again this week because my lesson course has began and there's preparation for the orientation week for the new students.

The other side I finally got my driving license ƪ˘)ʃ but 2nd day I crashed the roadblock on my way to my course place and it made a little "scarf" on the car body, lucky my dad and mom weren't angry but they asked me to bring the car to the workshop. Since that I hesitate to ask my mom for my allowance that that's the start of today boring day hehe

Eventually my classmate planned to go to Dufan (amusement park) in Jakarta, I told my mom about the plan and yesterday afternoon my mom said that I could go but the night she said the opposite, she said I couldn't go. Because I not dare to ask for my allowance so could I do?

So today I had lunch with my close friend, Saras with her boyfriend Akbar and I went to salon to cut my hair, and went to course...
That's it...
So what you're doing today?     


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