Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's 18th!

Thanks God for the 18th year in my life
Last Monday (14th May) I turned 18th and that was awesome :D
In the morning I checked the twitter and facebook Alhamdulillah a lot of my friends tweeted, texted, and wrote in my wall "Happy Birthday" to me, thankyou guys

One of my friend tweeted this picture to me :3

But later that day it was normal
I went to the course from the morning 'till afternoon
But then when I finished the course, I went to the parking lot there were 2 papers on my car mirror
And I believe Merina and Adhit did that LOL
Then when I got home my mom said there was a packet for me, and I opened it
There was a cake not a real cake it made of flannelette and inside of it there were papers that written wishes and photos from my close friends in school Adhit, Lintang, Deyang, Merina, and Diena
It was so lovely and I have no idea how they made that flanneletted cakes

When the night came, I didn't expect a lot that my other best friends would say birthday greeting to me, even I also couldn't lie that I was thinking about it
Suddenly I heared Saras voice calling my names in front of the house
So because I just finished sholat I went to in front of the house with still wearing mukena
And there were some of my best friends Prima, Sasti, Saras, and her boyf Akbar
I just almost cried because I thought they will not say anything in my birthday but happy at the same time, the sang Happy Birthday and brought 2 cakes for me
Oh I was so happy :D

That's Saras, Prima, and Sasti !
I just finished Isya prayer so I still wearing mukena :p
These cupcakes made by Sasti, Thankyou so much :3

Rainbow cake ♥

Then we spent the night just chatting and laughing, thankyou guys so much :*
At 9 PM went home then I got an email from one of my best friend Adit
He attached this picture with greeting and wishes from him

In the end of the day I was just so happy for that day
Thanks God for another years in my life
And thank you to my friends and family, especially my mom
I hope I can be a better person
And this year I can pass the SNMPTN and be accepted in the Univesity of Indonesia
And hope I can see you next year 19!


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