Sunday, March 25, 2012


Thank god! I had 3 days of holiday this week at least  it gave a little time for me and my friends for "breath" after a crazy study schedules
So some of my classmate and I decided to do a survey for our yearbook photoshoot place in Jakarta
Our theme is night at the city, actually the idea is to make it like low speed photograph with light from cars that pass through the street.
But we also took picture in the noon just for spare theme if the night theme can't be done, but still city view theme
Well, so here are some of the pictures
But we're not that professional enough so sorry if the picture is not that great :p

 Glass house
 Taman Menteng

 at Epicentrum
Backrie Tower


 at Central Park

 Well it's close like we want to as the theme, I know it is so lack of focus but I hope the yearbook photographer will make it right
Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, Jakarta

♥ nishanrl

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