Thursday, February 2, 2012

a Crazy Whole New February

It's just new days of February but every had gone crazy enough for me

February 1st
I got order from Akbar, my friend(Saras)'s boyfriends to make a cupcakes for her birthday tomorrow. After a lot of dm-ing in twitter and looked some cakes photos, he decided want me to make a birthday cupcakes with different toppings butter cream, chocolate ganache, fondant flowers, and Happy 18th Birthday Saras sign on it.
So after the school bell rang (after I finished chemistry test) I went home to finish decorate the cupcakes(my mom had made it before).
And voilaa! Here's the picture of the cupcakes 

 Chocolate cupcakes, topping: chocolate ganache and flowers made out of fondant

Not long after that Akbar took the cupcakes in my house and after a while he called me and said that THE CUPCAKES CRASHED on the way to house! Just like the cupcakes, my heart crashed and shocked........speechless
But thanks God my mom made a lot of spare of the cupcakes but it wasn't as pretty as the cupcakes before 
hiks (˘̩̩̩̩̩̩ƪ)  

And I continued with study physics for tomorrow daily test.....

February 2nd 
5pm after I had finished tutoring class I went home and went to near Saras house to meet Prima because we planned to make her a birthday surprise. But before days before that I had made a present for her....

A box of chocolate so she won't be so slim anymore LOL

and SURPRISE!!!!
 Mourin(Saras's little brother) also want to blow the candles :p

 Saras, me, and Prima

Happy birthday Saraaass!



  1. kangen banget :'((( uuuuu wish i were there

  2. aaaaa fini miss you too :'(( kita gasempet deh thun ini ngsh surprise k si Saras barengan


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