Sunday, September 4, 2011

Visiting University of Indonesia

This morning I went to University of Indonesia, in Depok
with my family to took some shoot and to give me more motivations 
And hope next year I will be a colleger there (UI), Amien ƪƪ'') 

We borrowed my aunty yellow jacket to take piture there hehe
So I can imagine when I'll be student there :p

Entrance of University of Indonesia

I'm so excited when I took picture there while praying that next year I'll be studying there
(In front of psychology faculty)

Besides psychology I also want to be in FISIP UI, I want to take Comunication faculty
Public Relation 

It's Aya in front of public health faculty 

We're cousin

In front of directorate UI

And after took some pictures and looking around UI we had lunch together in a restaurant (I forget the name -____-")

 My pray:
Hope next year Annisha Nurilla (Me) and also my cousin (Aya Syarafina) will be a colleger in University of Indonesia, to make our parents proud and our self too (of course hehe).
Even I know I have to take social lessons course either but still.....
Icha have to have more spirit for learning yaa 


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