Monday, September 26, 2011

Election for Chairman of OSIS MPK 2011

Last Thursday the election of chairman OSIS MPK finally came!
After loooong preparation finally 1st step of regeneration started
It start from when the school bell ring at 7am 'till end
It was joined by all students, some teacher and others
But don't you think we were not study, if course it is haha
This some of photos of the day...

The Candidates:
1. Ni Putu Velda class XI science 6
2. Nunik Dwiningrum class XI science 3
 3. Desi Mitra class XI science 4
 4. Ghasani Shabrina class XI social
5. Benedictus class XI social
1. Andari Resicka XI IPA 5
2. Raihan Alisha Nabila XI IPA 1
3. Lidya Listy Sulistiani XI IPS
4. Azrina Darmayani XI IPS
5. Andhiki Supono XI IPA 5

 Election box

 After choose the candidate, the left finger had be stamp on ink just like real election :p
T-shirt for LDK it says "I am OSIS MPK"

Muti, Rinda, Diena and Me

Some of the committees
 Jodan & Rinda

Recess time

Hope gonna share my story when LDK time 


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