Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Madjoe Merdeka at SMAN 3 Bogor

Last saturday, SMAN 3 Bogor had "Madjoe Merdeka" event for celerating Independence day and breakin fasting together in school.
I was so fun! There are a lot of competition such as fashion show, paparazi, fruit recreation, BigBrother, Rangking 1, etc.

@smantiboo Dan inilah foto paparazzi terbaik ke - 3 Madjoe Merdeka @ (Fashion show! :D by @ XI IPA 5)

Daaan, inilah pemenang lomba paparazzi Madjoe Merdeka @( Pa Asep's smile by @ & Caca XII IPS)

Fruit recreation by my class
Fruit cake

After all the competition finished, the winner was annouced! And my class won the 2nd winner of fruit recreation, 1st winner of BigBrother, 1st winner of Rangking 1, and....
yeeeeeay *\(»''«)/*  

When adzan magrib, we all (class 10,11,12) gathered in basketball field and broke our fasting together. And the event closed by firework that made this 3 generation felt the solidarity between each our. Once, when the fireworks was fired up all the student said...
That was a very beautiful night before 12th grade will graduate, beautiful. 

@ojaans #firework

After I got back home, twitter is crowded of SMAN 3 ogor students talking about that events..

and a lot of other tweets about that...
Thanksyou so much for 11th grade OSIS MPK that had make this event perfect and full of solidarity
It was a very beautiful night ˆˆ

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