Monday, July 25, 2011

Umroh 2010

Ramadhan is coming...
And makes me remembered last year Ramadhan, my family and I went to Madinah and Mekkah for Umroh Ramadhan. It's quite exhausting but fun and unforgettable experience

The Journey

We depart from Indonesia at August 27th and after about 18hour of trip we arrived at Jeddah and took bus to Madinah. In the trip several times we took a rest in the free way rest area and...... I found something unexpected, some of the toilet was very dirty and gabage every where.It took a long time to got to Madinah (I don't know how long because I slept along the trip hehe).

In Madinah

After arrived at hotel in Madinah and took some rest, we went to Nabawi Masjid. I was stunned! It was so beautifull different with some mosque in Indonesia, it was cleaned, there were a lot of masjid guard along the way to manage jama'ah. And alhamdulillah while I was on Madinah, I went to "Paradise Garden" near Prophet Muhammad SAW cemetery. It was believed that if people took sunnah pray and pray while they have sujud, every pray that they say will be come true (Amien ya Allah).

In Madinah we also visited dates market, Jabal(Hills) Tsur, Qiblatain Masjid and Magnet hills (believe it or not our bus could move by them self without the driver drove it when at magnet hills). After about 4 day in Madinah, we went to Mekkah for umroh. Before we went to Mekkah we went to Bir Ali Masjid had sunnah pray and continued the journey.  

Before heading to Mekkah

When we arrived in Mekkah the day was turning dark, so we went to the hotel, took some rest and went to Masjidil Haram. 1st we should took wudhu, intented(at Bir Ali Masjid), and tawaf. The first time I saw Kabbah it was incredible, thousand even million of people never stop tawafing everyday, it was beautiful, undescribable...... Finished tawaf we had sunnah pray and drank zam zam water near the Kabbah. Then we continued with small run from Shaffa-Marwah hills for 7times after that we should cut our head (for women we just need cut several sheet of hair but for man it's better if they cut it bold). And the umroh was finished, that's all just a couple of hour.

Entarce of Masjidil Harom, Kabbah, Hilton Hotel, and Zam Zam Tower

We were about a half month in there, so what we're doing? Every morning we had sahur, went to masjid for subuh pray, went back to hotel to had sleep 'till 10am, woke up, took a bath, went to masjid, tilawah, sholat dzuhur, tilawah slept, sholat ashar, tilawah, slept, broke fasting, sholat magrib, went back to hotel, dinner, sholat isya, hang out in Zam zam tower or Hilton mall, bought sourvenir, slept, woke up at 2am sholat tarawih(if we took round 2 tarawih) then sahur, always like that everyday hehe. And I ate a lot there, the portion of people there was huge, 1 portion for 1 people I should ate it with my mom and dad. So when I got back to Indonesia my weight gained, oh no -_______-"

Jabal Rahman (when prophet Adam and Hawa met again in earth), our tour guide child, and in development Zam Zam tower)

My activities, I think I ate too much LOL

Short story, the Ied Fitri day was coming. I Arab, people is more crowded and celebrate Ied Adha than Ied Fitri(opposite in Indonesia). Sound of cannon was heard everywhere (that means Ied Fitri was coming) before and after Ied pray in Masjidil Haram, million of people gathered in Masjidil Haram for Ied pray.

Ied Fitri day

Mekkah entrance and floating masjid

Jeddah airport

We had back to Indonesia at Ied Fitri day but in Jeddah we went to floating masjid to has dzuhur pray, and continued the journey home. Our track was Jeddah-Singapore-Jakarta. I was so happy when I arrived at Jakarta(because the pilot from Singapore was extremely hideous driving the plane, just like a bus driver.), then I had back to my grandma's house and celebrate Ied Fitri again hehe.

I wish I could go back there someday 
.. آمِيّنْ 


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