Sunday, July 24, 2011

MOPD day 6 & Closing Ceremony

The last day of MOPD was closed by cleaning activities around the school hehe. Sunda group cleaned excul rooms and the backyard of science laboraturium.
The continued with closing ceremony and awarding for pj, posko and group. Well I got no award but that's oke...
some of the winner

Reading plage of student

and guest what? Gugus Sunda got the best performance award we were so happy!

For te prize for them we (the PJ's of group Sunda) gave them cupcakes that is the mini version of the cake that they gave to us in the previous day..
Black Forest Cupcake by me

Sunda group, PJs, and POSKO

And that was the end of MOPD 2011. Thankyou so much for the junior student for the participate and spirit to do all tasks we asked, and thankyou teacher and OSIS-MPK SMAN 3 Bogor!!
Alhamdulillah this MOPD was going smootly, success, and eventhought we wre tired it was fun hehehe
we ♥ us    keep success!!
and for our friends Mita and Faya keep success too there, we'll miss you both (ɔ˘˘(˘˘c) 

♥ @nishanrl

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