Sunday, July 24, 2011

MOPD day 4

4th day of MOPD was full of excul demo...
every excul in school showed their demo such as TOC (Three On Choir), Taruna, Salam Risgabo, Merpati Putih, Taekwondo, Trivelly (cheers), Cosmo (modern dance), etc. Unfortunately PC-PMR (Peer Cpnselor & Palang Merah Remaja) didn't had time to demo, so we don't didn't show what things we do in PC-PMR excul.

Sunda group from rehearsal - performance

glasses dress up
There are also group performance from group Gayo - Asmat. One of them performed pom pom boys and my group got tp performed Videoclip(that I told you in the previous post). People said that Sunda performance was enterteining hahaha well that's great, it was funny because there was a scene when the J.Lo danced slow motion one of the member grapped a fan and blew J.Lo hair just like in the real videoclip LOL

After long day of excul demo day, all pj looked so tired and want to go home but we should done evaluation meeting first then go home. Before that I had pray ashar with Vikana, and suddenly one of sunda group member said to us "teteh ke gugus dulu ya bentar aja ko...." hmmm what's going on? So Vikana and I went to the class and in the class another pj (Iim, Andari, Anis, Faya, Ojan and Annisa already there but Mayang still in art room after Cosmo demo, but finally she came). They told us to sit in the back of the class and......

After they gave a roses and sing a song for us (Senyum Semangat - SM*SH) they gave us a cake too. How sweet is that? Some of the pjs was crying, we were not expecting that it would be happen. It was the sweetest MOPD that I ever been, they said thankyou and apologize and some hugging, I can't tell it but words.....

All Sunda group pjs

Sunda Group

*it should be a video when they singing, but it can't be uploaded -____- so sorry

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