Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stop Motion

(Ujian Kenaikan Kelas a.k.a school final exam)

I'm so exited to got out from room 4 and get my self free from that exam haha \(▿‾\)(_o_) (/▿‾)/   and now I'm just hopping that the scores will be great and I shouldn't have remedial. I had this exam for a week from 3rd - 10th June 2011. It begun with mathematic and PAI, ended with English. But after these whole exam who said it's over? not in my school haha we still have a bunch of tasks. One of those is the art tasks, we should make a videoclip and arrangement the song. My group choose Projecy Pop song - Ingatlah Hari Ini and the vodeoclip will be like a stop motion video, so we collect some photos that will make a moving picture if we pass it fast.

My stop motion eating Gado-gado at canteen

Hope this our project will be good and I'll put it in my blog hehe
♥ @nishanrl

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