Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Puncak with AcousticIPA3

Last week we went to Villa JJ at Puncak to have relaxing days after final exam and before received final report. We went from school 7am and arrived about 8am and lucky for us there was no traffic jam, thanks god

We played jumping rope, soccer, cing benteng, hide and seek, etc. We had barbeque night, the grilled chicken was totally yummy. After that we had bond fire while announced class reward and I got The Pelor Award wkwkwk which is the sleepy in the class. Yaa I realized sometimes I got slept in the class and while Jogjakarta trip I always sleep while every body was awake, until there was a photo of my class that there was no me in the picture because I slept hehe.

It was a great trip, we cooked, watching movies, cleaning and playing together after a tiring days before.
Thanksyou for XI science 3..
And thanks god we are XII science 3 (ɔ˘˘(˘˘c) 

Arrived at Cilember

BBQ night

playing jumping rope

 Rana & Jordan Birthday


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