Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Early Holiday

Last 3days I spent my early holiday at my grandma's house in Jakarta. Saturday afternoon we went by car and I tried to drove the car again,and maybe I wasn't lucky that day because there were traffic jam on the free way so it took 2hours from Bogor to Jakarta. At the 1st night I didn't do anything just ate, watched tv, and slept because my closest cousin, Aya wasnt came yet. She went to 2AM and Miss A (korean artist) at Istora Senayan but in the morning she already at my grandma's house, she came home late.

The next morning, thanks god it was Monday! haha my brother Aufar, my cousins, and I joined Car Free Day (CFD) in Jakarta. We rode our bicycle from grandma's house until Bundaran HI after that we too a rest at 7eleven Grand Indonesia and went back home. It was tried but fun \(▿‾\)(_o_) (/▿‾)/  

at Bundaran HI

After got home from CFD, I took shower and went to Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) and it was so crowded there. There food, car, clothes, bicycle, phone operator stand with big sale. At PRJ finaly I tried my first Kerak Telor hahaha it's a traditional food from betawi Jakarta, it's yummy but a little dry because we ate it without sauce but with serundeng.
at Fiesta Stand
we found siomay pink stand that nowadays many people talk about

Because it's so hot and we started to get tried ,we decided to went home. After we had lunch and pray dzuhur, my cousins and I (my brother came too) Blok M Plaza to watch TARIX JABRIX 3

That day just felt like no end, at night Aya, Kadek, Aufar and I had night ride to 7eleven Senayan City. We ate a lot at 7eleven so I think after ridding a bike doesn't mean anything to my body hahaha
Dewa Made Mahendra or you can called him Kadek

Me and Aya at Bunderan Senayan
at 7eleven Senayan

We got back home late so we should got sleep early because at Monday Aya, Kadek and I will have a job in a International Conference at Hotel Borobudur. Aya and my job is to be registration girl. We took name list from the participants in that conference, distribute the conference certificate, etc. At the morning was a totally chaos because we hadn't given briefing, just a little instruction but in the end it started run smoothly. The bad part was the hotel was so cold it made me freezing and I got to the bathroom more then 5times maybe, my stomach was sick, and I couldn't come to vice president place. The good part I met minister for women's empowerment.

To finished that day we went to Magnum Cafe in Grand Indonesia. It was great to ended a tiring day with a stick of ice cream, yummy(˘˘) 

my order :9
at Magnum Cafe

Apperently ice cream wasn't enough because we were so hungry, then we bought sate padang Ajo Ramos in Santa near my grandma's house.

It's been a great weekebd with my father birthday at Sunday 19th July, thankyouu so much kiss and hug for my family('')('')


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